Air-Treks, more commonly known as A-Ts, have taken the world by storm! These motorized evolution of the rollerblade allow the wearer to perform impossible feats and achieve the dream of humanity, flight...kinda. With the A-T have come gangs of people calling themselves stormriders. They fight with their pride on the line to rise through the ranks to achieve their dreams.


Itsuki Minami (Ikki) is your average street punk who runs the the school affiliated East-Side Guns. After being beaten by a team of stormriders his foster sisters grant him the gift of A-Ts. He becomes engrossed in the world of A-T and his adventures soon begin.


The Storytelling

The story at the beginning makes it seem like Oh! Great (Read: Ogure Ito) was going to make this manga about gang wars, it's good thing he changed his mind...or at least his approach to it. The flashbacks in the manga are well placed and don't drag on forever {*looks at Naruto in the corner of the room ಠ_ಠ*) and the fight scenes never disappoint, it's all solid.

The Art

Again, the art style changes near the beginning of the manga. And once again, it makes it even better. Oh! Great has always had great art, and when he gets the character designs down, they become some of the coolest characters in manga. You won't believe the kind of quality and detail he puts into every panel. And don't even get me started on some of the double page spreads...gorgeous.


I looked at this for a good 4 minutes before muttering, "damn"


Air Gear isn't a manga that will give you all these new powers and just say "here". No, it's going to give you theories and principles based in reality to explain everything that's going on. Not everything can be explained with simple "manga logic" after all.


There are are plenty of pages like this filled with different theories and stuff...but there's never a bibliography...


The Humor

Some of the jokes had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, others not so much, and some that left me with a completely blank stare. There is a lot a of ecchi-comedy, so be warned. There's also a lot of great tsukkomis. For those that don't know, tsukkomis are interjections that give funny quips on words or actions that are usually done by an airhead.



Fan Service

Air has a lot of unnecessary fan service and while I won't say I completely hate it or like it, I expected this sorta thing from Oh! Great's track record and the manga magazine he's employed by. (Same magazine that runs Fairy Tail)


Real World Affects

Some of the actions taken by Air Gear's characters end up having weight in the actual world. So much weight that by the end of the manga, Barack Obama (Or John Omaha, as they name him) becomes a recurring character. I really like this aspect of the manga as it gives you a little bit more than the usual "fight for friendship" and tells you what's really at stake.


You guys thought I was kidding, didn't you?


I can't really say anything horrible about this manga, I've re-read it twice just for the nostalgia (it only ended two years ago though) and writing this honestly makes me want to read it again. It's something that I believe to be one of the greatest manga I have ever read. Go, and enjoy this manga that has been missing from your life, it surely will bring you joy.

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