Yes, this is about MEKAKUCITY ACTORS or more importantly, all of the hate that it's been getting and why I think some of that hate is misplaced. While I do think the only thing truly wrong with this anime is the pacing, I do see why some of the comments regarding it make sense.

In Rockmandash's review (sorry to throw names around, not trying to come after him with any ill intent) he states that the way show hops from one character to next takes away from the experience of the viewer. I disagree, I think that the "no main character" really adds to the plot, which really couldn't have gotten across if we were looking through from just one person's perspective, which leads me to my next point.


The Story

I honestly don't know why people shit on the story so hard. It's really well thought out for something that stemmed from a bunch of songs. The way I look at it, you really should keep your brain turned on and be listening intently at what the characters are saying and how they say it. Every tiny thing that you may find unimportant may come back to bite you when you're watching the last episode. The plot is aided incredibly through the help of the songs as well, which is another thing I wanted to talk about.


The Songs

Again, really don't know why people have qualms with the songs (which I highly encourage you to listen to, they're great) but I think the same thing I said about the story can be said about the songs. Not only should you really be listening to the lyrics attentively (or reading them), you should also be watching what's going on to be able to connect it all together. Spoiler alert! Let's take a look at the song from episode 4, Heat-Haze Days. If you didn't get it at first, it's about two kids being trapped in a time loop for about 10 years and everyday Hiyori dies some type of gruesome death. This keeps on going until Hibiya pulls her out of the way and takes her place, afterwards Hibiya gets out of the "haze" and Hiyori disappears. This serves a very important purpose, this one song lays out the rest of the series by telling us exactly how these children end up with their red eyes and powers. If that really ruins it for you then...I really can't say anything about it actually.


To each their own, I guess

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