Ajin: A Review

Seventeen years prior to the start of the series, it was discovered somewhere in Africa that there were certain people who were immortal. They were revered as Gods until Americans came and snatched 'em all up.

Cut to modern day Japan, no one really knows what these immortals, dubbed Ajin, really are and you can't tell if you are one unless...you die. It's a tough life as an Ajin since your under constant threat of being taken captive by the government and experimented on immediately.



Our protagonist, Kei Nagai, is just a high school student who wants to hurry up and become a doctor, all for the sake of his little sister with an incurable disease...until he gets hit by a truck and dies. After he gets back up from his ordeal, everyone around him is aghast and begin to take out their phones to take a pic of the great spectacle that stands before them, an Ajin. He runs away with his "friend", Kaito. Dark adventures ensue.

The Art

This art is gorgeous and completely immersive. So immersive that one chapter barely had any dialogue and still managed to completely pull me in, something that few manga have managed to do...ever.


Look at this...LOOK

The Characters

The characters in this manga are done well, no matter how flawed they may be. And they all seem to be able to pull a little "badass" out of themselves in the best moments.


Kei Nagai

I have serious qualms with this character in particular though. Remember when I said he had some sociopathic tendencies? It becomes very apparent whenever he puts on a new mask of emotions to suit the mood, it makes him feel disconnected with whatever is going on.


After ranting about wanting to keep his humanity and his morals, he says this nonchalantly after Satou finishes off every guard in the hallway.


Character Development

Since our main character is unemotionally driven, it makes it hard for us as the reader to enjoy any of his experiences or watch him grow at all. And it is not as if he starts gaining some emotions either, at this point, he has stayed that way the entire time.


I believe this to be a great manga to sit down and read all at once if you have a free afternoon. As of right now there aren't many chapters and it's still early in the story, but I think it has room to grow and expand into a cult classic as big as Gantz if given the opportunity. Everyone should go off and read this immediately.


Go on.

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